Land sports

Trampolína a tenisový kurt.

Water and you are not best friends? Never mind! In Marin Camp there is a large variety of land activities to choose from. There are two playing areas run. One of them is fully free of charge and you can challenge your "neighbours" to a game of volleyball or football tennis. The other one is possible to be used after paying a fee. You can book it for a game of tennis, football tennis or volleyball. There is also a ping pong table available completely free of charge (you can use your own bats or borrow them for a fee at the reception).

On Jan Hus Day and Saints Cyril and Methodius Day (public holidays in the Czech Republic) we regularly organize football tennis tournament which can be entered by your team. Furthermore, the surroundings are interlaced with a network of bicycle trails, so that you can liven up your stay by e.g. a trip to Kunětice Mountain.

Is there some important event on? Then visit our sheltered terrace, order some refreshments and watch projection of the live match on the screen. However, time to time do not forget to keep an eye on your kids frolicking in the nearby playground.

Pohoda a relax v autokempu Mělice.