Guest houses

Apart from camping we also offer a luxury accommodation in the New Guest House or in the Guest House Mini.  

Accommodation in the guest houses is suitable for all fans of swimming in clear water of the sand lake and having a rest in a quiet club environment, for water sports enthusiasts, and also for cyclists events. For small guests a trampoline and a playground with a pool is available. Teenagers and adults can enjoy sports grounds, an equipped clubhouse with a fireplace and a TV, or enjoy a pleasant evening by having a barbecue on the outdoor grill.
Accommodation in the guest houses includes a free stay at the private club and the whole camp. Parking is free.

Attention:  Booking of the guest houses is necessary through the reservation system in Bookings.  It is not possible to respond flexibly to phone or e-mail requests.

The New Guest House - information here
Available rooms:
one quad room      two triple rooms     three twin rooms

The Guest House Mini - information here
Available rooms:
three twin rooms